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  • NANOIDENT®The brand for concrete and stone surfaces.
  • The perfect rain and dirt protection for concrete and stone surfaces.
  • Simplify your cleaning of your concrete and stone surfaces by nanotechnology.
  • Simple application with perfect protection.
  • Protect your concrete and stone surfaces against contaminants,moss and algae formation.
  • Depending on the product you get a protection of 3 to 10 years.
  • Save yourself the annual cleaningthe concrete and stone surfaces.
  • You can also use the used product safely in the vegetable garden.
  • Could be used for all types of concrete - no matter gray or colored concrete.
  • Protect your pool and terraces area from dirt and stains.
  • Protect your terrace against oil, grease, food and beverage stains.
  • With our products you could keep your terrace area free from stains.
  • Up to 80% less cleaning effort in the terrace area.
  • Clean and beautiful surfaces where the eye looks.
  • With our products you could keep your entrance areasand terraces areas free of dirt and stains.
  • Entrance and terrace areas are difficult to maintain, we can help you!
  • Garden paths remain moss & algae-free and are much easier to maintain.
  • Choose which product you are using, to keep your stone surfaces clean.
  • Protect masonry against dirt and algae formation.
  • House entrances have a high load and usually are not protected.
  • Also entrances have been protected against stains and dirt.
  • We have the perfect protection for the entire house area.
  • Make sure that your stone surfaces are protected from dirt and stains.
  • House entrances must be protected from stains,as well as moss and algae formation!
  • Everyone wants the beautifuland clean surface in front of his house!
  • Where there are foods there are stains. We have the perfect stain protection for this.
  • Use our products directly after areas laying out.This keeps your surfaces clean!
  • Stone surfaces or concrete surfaces could be kept perfectly clean only with a nano product.
  • With our products you could keepkeep your entire house area clean for years!
  • The wall is nano-coated, the ground is not. Do you see the difference?
  • For terrace surfaces, we recommend you to use our stain protection.
  • Only with our stain protectionprevents stains on the terrace.
  • Stone paths must be protected from algae and moss formation.
  • Of course, our products also protectagainst moss and algae formation.
  • Protect your garden area with a good nano product, you will enjoy it!
  • Garden walls should be protected from rain and water.
  • Garden walls and cover platescould be now protected against moss and algae!
  • With nano products you protect your house, your car entrance and other areas of entry from dirt.
  • Stains by food terrace plates could be avoided.

The company


CTC Nanotechnology GmbH is one of the leading nano companies in the field of house and garden sealer with nano products. CTC Nanotechnology GmbH has developed and produced various nano products with different nano functions and different durability for the house and garden area up to the house interior.

The nano sealers and impregnations nano products are adapted especially to the material surfaces with different pearl effects as well as surface functions with different surface functions. After more than 15 years of development and testing, we have succeeded in launching market-ready nano products with a guarantee for the garden and house sector.
  • With the NANOIDENT® Concrete Sealeryou get a perfect protection for your concrete surfaces.
  • With the NANOIDENT® stone coatingYou get a perfect protection for your stone surfaces.

In the house and garden sector we offer you a comprehensive product program with guarantee under the brand NANOIDENT®, with unique concrete and stone sealer and impregnation as well as cleaning and care system. This allows the user to meet the needs of the garden and home sector and to offer a higher sales as well as quality advantages for themselves or for their customers.

With its nano high tech surface finishes, the company CTC Nanotechnology GmbH has developed a new concrete and stone system as well as new nano antifriction products which completely change the surface protection market! these nano products work very long and have one of the highest functions on the world market. Furthermore, the customer can decide how long the nano coating should work on the surface! The nano coatings are very resistant, against rain, UV, sun, snow and ice. No other product supplier on the concrete & stone market can offer you such a good products as what CTC Nanotechnology GmbH can currently offer worldwide. Nanotechnology is regarded as a future technology.

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